About us

Activities of court expert in the field of finance and taxation, appraisals of companies, assets and liabilities, certified auditor and certified forensic accountant are carried out through the company Forenzika Prima Ltd., which is specialized in providing these services as well as management consulting services.

In addition to the above licences, I also hold a licence of a Certified tax advisor which I obtained in December 2004. I perform activities of tax advisory trough the Public joint- stock company for Tax Advisory Antičić – Jakovljević – Kušeta as a partner with other two certified tax advisors, Mirjana Jakovljević and Dubravko Kušeta.

I also obtained titles of Court Expert for finance and taxes, of Certified Appraiser of companies, assets and liabilities and of Certified Accounting Forensics, which I activated trough the company Forenzika Prima d.o.o. specialized in providing the above services as well as services of management consulting.

The company is founded because such activities cannot be performed trough a public joint-stock company, according to the present Tax Advisory Act.